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Online gambling, the revolution of gambling industry

The buzz of a win, the scent of lightly stirred cocktails, elegant music lounge and glamorous tuxedos, a physical casino is a great place for anyone who likes taking chances as well as enjoy world class entertainment. But the gambling industry has changed drastically since 2010. Today, the poker parlors, bingo halls and center stages no longer dominate the gambling industry, almost all casino games can be accessed from the comfort of our homes.

In 2000, online gambling was in its infancy but today, over 70 per cent of worldwide gambling takes place online and via mobile devices. Back then, technology was seen as threat to the gambling industry but today it looks like is likely to be its savior. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider gambling online.

Convenience and Comfort

Using the internet is a convenient way to gamble. You can enjoy your gaming or betting at any time and best of all, you do not have to leave the house.

With online gambling, you do not have to worry about getting to the book master on time to place a wager before the big game, not being able to get action at the poker table or even getting a seat at your favorite casino game.

Suitable for All Budgets

Most gambling sites accept all budgets. You can deposit as little as $10 or as much as thousands of dollars. This is a significant advantage for players.

The range of stakes you can play for in a Brick and mortar casino is smaller. This means that some players are forced to play for higher stakes that they would prefer while others play for stakes lower than they would like. The same case applies for poker players. Very few land based casino rooms have anything near the range of stakes offered in poker online sites.


There is no doubt that land based casinos offer hundreds of different games but there is a limit to the number of games in it. In other words, they have limited space to fit the staff, gambling tables, hotels rooms, restaurants and anything else a land based casino has.

Online casinos on the other hand can house as many games, hundreds if not thousands. For example, it is not uncommon to find an online casino offering:

  • More than 5 variants of blackjack
  • Over 10 variants of table games
  • More than 10 variations of arcade, bingo and keno games
  • Over 100 slot variations
  • Over 7 video poker variations

In case the casino you have an account with does not have the blackjack variation, progressive slot or baccarat game you want to play, you can easily find it in another online casino.

Bonuses and Rewards

Most gambling sites give customers a wide range of incentives for gambling or betting with them. Almost all offer new customers welcome bonuses which include extra funds to their accounts upon sign up or after making the first deposit. They may also offer additional rewards or bonuses through some kind of loyalty scheme.

These bonuses are a huge benefit of gambling online especially to those who play regularly.


The world’s most popular casinos

While there must be a casino in every part of the world today, there are some sites in the world who take the cake for being the most popular with the tourists and the locals alike.

  • Monaco:

The Monte Carlo Casino at this historic city is a hot favorite with all the tourists in the world who set off for a gambling tour to this gambler’s paradise. There are various references in literature, poetry and also modern day motion pictures mostly referring to the gambling city of Monte Carlo and the attractions that are there for grabs.

The city is also famous for lending its name to a mathematical theorem for problem solving using quasi random numerals in statistical distribution which involves calculation of numbers that are generated by chance and it is called as the Monte Carlo Method.

Monte Carlo is also a plot and location for so many of the most successful Hollywood flicks especially the James Bond series.

  • Macau, China

Macau is under the special administration of china and was for a very long time a Portuguese colony until the year 1999.

During the colonial times, Macau was very popular for gambling where tourists and other colonial gentry used to visit its closely regulated casinos.

Today, the largest in terms of size casino called the venetian is situated in Macao and the popular myth is that this small city has already taken the gaming industry by a storm leaving its only competitor Las Vegas far behind.

  • Singapore:

Another upcoming gaming industry that is looking to be the most promising in the recent times is Singapore. Even though it has two famous casinos which are hugely popular among the tourists they both are foreign owned. The casino at the Sentosa Island also houses other major tourist attractions like the biggest ever Oceanarium.

  • Las Vegas:

This gaming strip is situated and controlled by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The grapevine is that this strip alone is the source of fifty percent of the revenue that is worldwide generated through the gaming industry.

  • Atlantic city:

This is a resort town in New Jersey and is widely known for its casinos. It has always been the inspiration of the gaming industry whether of chance or not. The city street names are the ones that recur in the business board game of Monopoly!.

When is gambling believed to have started?

There is no specific date when one can pinpoint and say that gambling begun at this point in history. But various civilizations of the world are believed to have their own share of playing the games of chance in one form or another, whether for entertainment purpose or for making a living.

The first European Casino in the real sense of the word:

The first casino which allowed the gambling that is mostly associated with the way casinos run today was the Ridotto which is in Venice in 1638. This was also the time that the favorite government was against of the vices of gambling and advocated restrictive gambling mostly allowing it during the carnival season alone.

But within a short span of time, the government had it closed citing reasons that the public were not able to control themselves and that the men were spending more at such houses than on their homes.

Gambling in America:

Earliest gambling houses in America were called Saloons. Saloons were typically a bigger version of motels where a lot of weary travelers could stop by for a quick drink and accompanying snack. Gambling was another attraction and a lot of people used to socialize at these joints.

Early twentieth century saw gambling banned in America by the then social reformers who thought that gambling was only ‘taking the country to the dogs’.

In the 1930s, America opened up to the idea of having legalized places where gambling was legal and the state of Nevada was the first one to get a legal license to operate a casino in the right sense of the word that it is used today for.

Casinos – Brief history and its significance to the gaming industry

The etymology:

A casino is the name of a place which allows its guests to involve themselves in any form of gambling. A casino is mostly a built up space near or within a hotel, restaurant, mall a cruiser of any other tourist attraction.

Though the place may not completely be used for gambling purposes, a major part of the revenue is generated through gambling. It may also have games purely for entertainment purpose without playing for money, it may also be a place where live entertainment is shown in the form of dance and music concerts or comedy shows by actors or comedians on their stage.

The word has an Italian origin from the root word “casa” meaning a villa or a club house.

 A brief history:

During most part of the 18th and the 19th century, theses casas or casinos were actually places where people usually the gentry met up for a drink or two and also socialized in club activities. These events were housed in these Italian looking villas where the programme changed every week and it even included playing cards with and without involving any money or betting in any form whatsoever.

The earliest casinos:

  • Casino Catalina, the oldest known casino which is a landmark of sort in the historic city of California has never been used for the traditional purpose of gambling even though it is called as one. This is because at the time that the casino was proposed and built, gambling was already illegal and against the moral code of the society.
  • Casino de Copenhagen was a theatre where people assembled for public meetings. Its hall also incidentally is the historical witness to a revolution that made Denmark a Monarchy in the year 1848. Even though its name can mislead, the historical testimony that these buildings give make them the most incredible source of leaning and honor.
  • Another one in Hanko, Finland was called a casino but in fact it was anything most far from one. It had been for a very long time the banquet hall for the Russian nobility who frequented spas closer to the casino.