The world’s most popular casinos

While there must be a casino in every part of the world today, there are some sites in the world who take the cake for being the most popular with the tourists and the locals alike.

  • Monaco:

The Monte Carlo Casino at this historic city is a hot favorite with all the tourists in the world who set off for a gambling tour to this gambler’s paradise. There are various references in literature, poetry and also modern day motion pictures mostly referring to the gambling city of Monte Carlo and the attractions that are there for grabs.

The city is also famous for lending its name to a mathematical theorem for problem solving using quasi random numerals in statistical distribution which involves calculation of numbers that are generated by chance and it is called as the Monte Carlo Method.

Monte Carlo is also a plot and location for so many of the most successful Hollywood flicks especially the James Bond series.

  • Macau, China

Macau is under the special administration of china and was for a very long time a Portuguese colony until the year 1999.

During the colonial times, Macau was very popular for gambling where tourists and other colonial gentry used to visit its closely regulated casinos.

Today, the largest in terms of size casino called the venetian is situated in Macao and the popular myth is that this small city has already taken the gaming industry by a storm leaving its only competitor Las Vegas far behind.

  • Singapore:

Another upcoming gaming industry that is looking to be the most promising in the recent times is Singapore. Even though it has two famous casinos which are hugely popular among the tourists they both are foreign owned. The casino at the Sentosa Island also houses other major tourist attractions like the biggest ever Oceanarium.

  • Las Vegas:

This gaming strip is situated and controlled by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The grapevine is that this strip alone is the source of fifty percent of the revenue that is worldwide generated through the gaming industry.

  • Atlantic city:

This is a resort town in New Jersey and is widely known for its casinos. It has always been the inspiration of the gaming industry whether of chance or not. The city street names are the ones that recur in the business board game of Monopoly!.

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